like punching in a dream

Sometimes I dream with such intensity that I wake up feeling like I’ve been in some kinda fist fight. That’s what I thought upon waking this morning. I don’t quite remember the dreams from last night, but they felt significant and I don’t feel rested on a true level. I got 7.5 hours and I feel good enough, but I’m wondering:

if all this psychic energy has been running through me all this time, it’s no wonder I’ve self-medicated a lot ~ this kind of intensity is hard to live with;

or maybe the intensity has picked up since the major restructuring has been happening.

I read something about the cosmology of the Hopi people ~ they understand that as we evolve, things/evolution become/s harder, more challening.

I really like that context. Combined with the idea of Home evolutis, it helps me accept the challenges of modernity. It helps me to stop feeling woe that we have lost the old ways and start feeling excited that we are pioneering something new … not quite unwittingly, but we can’t really know this is going on unless we learn the idea, and only then can we embrace it. Makes sense right?

If as we evolve, things/evolution become/s harder, more challening … then surely things will become more rewarding, because nothing good ever comes easy.