learning to love, by being loved

We may not be geographically proximate, but I am extra-ordinarily fortunate to have been blessed in this life with a diverse network of friends and like-minded soul warriors who love and care for me. I frequently feel deeply grateful for the presence of each and every one of you in my life. It may be so that I equally frequently drop off the face of the earth for months at a time, either into the bush on my bike or into the dark recesses of a mind with somewhat-depressive tendencies, but when I inevitably come back into the world you are all still there, waiting for me, understanding, being all like, “Oh yeah, Bodhi / Abhi / Painey / Uhn / Ryan / Knob / Grammaticus has been off on some random-arse journey,” and instead of berating me for being a frequently absent and difficult-to-understand friend, you embrace me and say, “Tell me what you learned!” I might have dived head first off this fecking metaphysical roller-coaser a long time ago if I hadn’t known that I am loved by friends as compassionate and real-hearted as you. So yeah, thank you. The way you love me helps me learn how to love myself and others.