back to school for a Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy

💦💨💃😍 Friends, lovers, vagabonds, fellow rogue units and psychonauts everywhere … I have an announcement to make (prepare the trumpets!): *I just got accepted into the Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy at IKON Institute*. 😲🐐🎈🌏📣💡As a recovering cunning-linguist and aspiring-bodhisattva, I will be specialising in the transmutation of emojis into direct realisation of the truth owl whisperer So much love to everyone who has helped me to get this far along the journey of the humanista. As the cards continue to unfold I trust that I will be able to return the favour exponential-fold. #technoshamanism4lyfe

1 thought on “back to school for a Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy”

  1. […] It’s 4:53am on 12 February 2018 (16/7), a Moonday, and I am sitting down to my first full day as a full-time student in a very long time. It feels so wonderful to have a formal structure through which I can digest and express all these ideas I’ve been exploring the last few years already ~ all the drifting of the past seven or so years feels like it has been utterly worth it because it has brought me to this. […]


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