Welcome Home

Welcome to Entheotropia, a personal website and blog about the journey toward the divine within. Mostly it’s a blog right now, but over time I hope to add a labyrinth of pages with more ‘timeless’ content, such as a Resources page and pages documenting more static content such as my current working model of a belief system, though such a page should obviously be far less than static.

This website, like everything, is a work in progress and will always be a work in progress ~ in all that I do, I try to embrace wabi sabi, the Japanese art philosophy of embracing the perfectly imperfect.

I use ‘entheotropia’ in the same sense we might use ‘esoterica’ to denote ‘myriad esoteric subjects’. I use ‘entheogen’ to refer to anything that generates an experience of the divine within, whether it be a drug, a pranayamic practice or ecstatic dance.